USG Teaching and Learning Conference: Best Practices for Promoting Engaged Student Learning

Wanjun Hu

Albany State University
Albany State University
Contributed Paper-Faculty
How much does touch screen technology help under-prepared students in science and math classes?
Teaching mathematics and sciences using touch screen technology has been introduced to many classrooms. However, our study shows that there is no significant difference between using TI calculator and iPad when teaching College Algebra to under-prepared students, and students show no preference to either iPad or Excel when teaching Chemistry to that same group of students. In an experiment involving two sections of College Algebra by the same instructor, student survey results show that students do not feel much different when using TI Graphical Calculator or Wolfram Alpha in iPad.  In another experiment of one section of chemistry using both iPad and Excel, student survey results show no preference to either software application.
Co-authors: Xiaomei Zheng and K. C. Chan, Albany State University