USG Teaching and Learning Conference: Best Practices for Promoting Engaged Student Learning
Venue: Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree Galleria [clear filter]
Wednesday, April 13

8:45am EDT

5:00pm EDT

P01-Non-Tenure-Track STEM Faculty: Support and Rewards Systems Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaDabney Dixon P02-You Want Me to Do What?? Strategies For Addressing Resistance in the Flipped Classroom Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaMichelle Dykes • Joy Humphrey P03-Using Strategic Partnerships to Maximize Critical Thinking and Creating Collaborations Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaMichelle Dykes • Joy Humphrey P04-Assessing Student Preparedness for Writing in the Sciences: A Case Study from a Joint Undergraduate/Graduate Ecology Course Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaKaitlin Farrell P05-Mark Twain and his 'Fable' on Critical Reading Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaJason Horn P06-Evaluating Honors Program Requirements in Response to Student Needs and Preferences Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaMatthew Horton • Katherine Kipp P07-Taking Pre-calculus Class In A Community College Can Be More Cost Effective Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaLi Feng • Wanjun Hu P08-Faculty Perceptions of INQR 1000 Student Learning: Are They Engaged or Just Flirting? Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaElizabeth Huggins P09-Effect of Nanoparticles on Brine Shrimps - A Course Embedded Model to Integrate Research Based Projects into the Science Curriculum Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaAnta'Sha Jones • ByungHoon Kim • Louise Wrensford P10-Enhancing Students' Engagement, Confidence, and Performance Through the Half-Semester Research-Based Laboratory Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaYong Jin Lee P11-Helping STEM Students Find a Sense of Belongingness and Stay Excited about Their Studies Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaMargie Lewkowicz • Brooke Skelton P12-Increasing Self-Regulated Learning in the Millennial Classroom Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaJessica McCain • Michelle vanDellen P13-Development of a Biology Resource Center Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaJeanelle Morgan P14-The 'Write' Stuff: Promoting Critical Thinking with Student-Authored Reading Cards Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaKatherine Perrotta P15-Development of Inquiry Based Labs in Introductory Non- Major Biology Course Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaSwapna Bhat • Linda Purvis P16-Don't Just Guess, Assess: Measures for Community Engaged Learning Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaScott Butler • Kirsten Rodgers P17-A Scalable Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experience in Molecular Parasitology for Producing Competent Graduates: Grounding Student Perceptions with Core Competencies Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaMariya Campbell • Therese Poole • Nancy Russell • Michael Sanderson • Paul Ulrich P18-Student Perceptions of Critical Thinking Writing Assignments in Non-Major Science Courses Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaRyan Tainsh P19-The Advantages of a Student's Vantage Point Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaMonica Smith P20-Service Learning and Critical Thinking in an Introduction to Social Problems Course Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaMargaret Williamson P21-Stabitha and the Amateur Strategists: Using Tabletop RPGs for Team Building Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaAna Guimaraes • Morgan Rhetts • Aaron Wimer P22-Infusion of Nanotechnology in General Chemistry II Lab Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaAmir Saheb • Louise Wrensford • Xiaomei Zheng P23-An Investigation of the Impact of Compiler's Feedback on the Comprehension andPerformance of Computer Programmers Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaTamiat Abegaz P24-How to Make Online Grading & Feedback More Efficient and Effective Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaLi-Mei Chen, Chunlei Liu • Chunlei Liu, Li-Mei Chen, Jun Zhang P25-Critical Thinking and Student Engagement: Metacognitive Writing Strategies That Reach Them All Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaMary Banks-Murray • Alecia Dressel • Paulette Harris • Nai-Cheng Kuo • Carissa Parrish • Marissa Powers • Andrea Shervette P27-How Using Web Design to Explore Authors, Literary Periods, and Texts in American Literature Effectively Engages Students in Scholarly Research Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaJoanna Grisham P28-UNG Online Student Readiness Implementation – SmarterMeasure Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaMerciaileen Rivera Almodóvar • Stephanie Hulsey P29-E-Commerce Teaching Via Project-Based Learning Advances USG STEM Goals Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaKamal Kakish • Yaquan Xu P30-The Effects of Education Abroad and Education Abroad in Sustainability on Levels of Student Engagement Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaAdam Landon • Donald Rubin • Michael Tarrant P31-A Flipped Classroom - Peer-led Team Learning Reform to Promote Student Success in Large Organic Chemistry Courses Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaSuazette Mooring • Joan Mutanyatta-Coma P32-BioCalculus - A Classroom Flip that is Truly Reflective Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaRebecca Rizzo P33-Exploring and Challenging Gender Stereotypes with Pre-Service Teachers Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaShelly Black • Amy Boldin • James Kelley • Kinga Varga-Dobai P34-Connecting Language Learners with Native Speakers Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaSabrina Wengier P35-Ethical & Best Practices in On-line Teaching and Communication Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaAngela Wilson P36-Implementing an Online Solution to a Low Enrollment College Algebra Learning Support Class Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaMary Wolfe P37-Discovering the "Tipping Point": The Surprising Effects of Tutorial Visits on Student GPA and Self-Efficacy Hill Atrium/Pecan Tree GalleriaEmily Reed • Eliot Rendleman

5:30pm EDT

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